Tips from NAILA on how to stay fit to look good in your swimming suit: The T5T.

27 Nov

Turkey day is behind us…a lot of food….a lot of calories. Staying fit and slim during the holidays is definitely hard. Here are some great easy tips to stay slim and fit until the come back of the summer days. All are from an ancestral tibetan practice reported to be 2,500 years old. It only takes 10 min!

1. Twirling
Spin round (clockwise) with your arms outstretched. Start with 2 or 3 twirls a day, gradually increasing until you reach 21 twirls per daily session.

2. Rite Number 2
Lie flat on the floor. Lift your legs as far into the air as you can whilst breathing in. Keep your legs straight. Lift your head up at the same time. Then slowly breath out and let your legs and head go back to the floor. Do this the same number of times as the first exercise.

3. Rite Number 3
Knee on the floor with the body erect. Bend your head and neck forward and then backwards, arching your back on the backward part of the exercise.

4. Rite Number 4
Sit down on the floor with leg straight out in front of you.  Luck the chin forward, drop the head backward and finally raise your body so that your knees bend while armes remain straight.

5. Rite Number 5
Lie down and spin arched so that body is in a sagging position. Throw the head back and bend the hips to bring the body into an inverted V.

Source: The Five Tibetan Rites Fountain Of Youth book by Peter Kelder.


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