About Naila Collection

Naila The French Touch

Inspired by a sunny day at the beach with a salted sea breeze blowing, the whisper of smooth waves, and the sprinkles sands between the toes, NAILA redefines luxury beachwear for women, men and boys.

Closely linked to the environment and craftsmanship, the brand establishes no boundaries to balance a respect for the environment with style and sophistication. Based in New York, NAILA débuted its 2011 collection at the Miami Swim week in July 2010.

With a manufacturing excellence, the collection features a strong attention to details, sleek silhouettes, comfortable cuts and colorful palettes. The perfect blend and flawless fit that feel like  a second skin. Using the highest Italian extra life lycra and recycled polyester, each piece is crafted to bring excellence, quick dry, uv protection and added support.

NAILA is where creativity and nature meets to bring ethical chic and luxurious cutting edge  designs.


For more information: www.naila-collection.com

To shop Naila: www.shopfornaila.com


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  1. stephanie young March 7, 2011 at 12:11 am #

    information about your products

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